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I started my audiobook journey in 2016. I currently have over 100 titles, most of which are Christian/Inspirational. The majority of titles are Historical Fiction/Historical Romance. Below I've provided sample titles grouped by genre. For a full list of my work please check out the link to Audible.

Audiobook Publishers represented: Oasis Family Audio, Two Words Publishing, Vision Audiobooks, One Audiobooks, and Sage Publishing

Historical Fiction/ Historical Romance (Partial list)

Hope Between the Pages by Pepper Basham; Doors to the Past series (books 2, 4 and 12)

Healing the Mountain Man's Heart by Misty M Beller; Brothers of Sapphire Ranch series (books 1-2)

Freedom in the Mountain Wind by Misty M Beller; Call of the Rockies series (books 1-10)

This Treacherous Journey by Misty M Beller; Heart of the Mountain series (books 1-7)

Mystery, Thriller, Suspense (Partial list)

Saints: Tribulation, book 1 by Jamie Lee Grey; Tribulation series (books 1-3)

The Sugar Haus Inn by Serena B Miller; Love's Journey in Sugarcreek series (books 1-5)

Kill Shot by Anne Patrick; Wounded Heroes series (books 1-5)

Murder Wears a Mask by Donna Doyle; Kelly Armello Cozy Mystery series (books 1-6)

Shattered by Valerie Davisson; Logan series (books 1-3)

Children's Fiction (Partial list)

A Day with Gran by Chiffon Strickland Jenkins; The Goldflower Adventure series (books 1-5)

Mickey and the Plow Horse by Edward A Dreyfuss, Ph.D

Andrea and the 5-Day Challenge by Cindy K. Green

Literature & Fiction (Partial list)

Making Fate by Isabella Alden; Marjorie's Story (books 1-2)

Invisible by Ginny L Yttrup

For the Love of Liberty by Heather Blanton

Come to Me Free by Leah Atwood

Magic Wand Ranch by Caroline Mickelson


Unmet Expectations by Lisa Hughes

Balance with Blended Learning by Catlin Tucker

Worlds of Making by Laura Fleming

Come to Me Free by Leah Atwood


La Chica Nueva by Jennifer Degenhardt

El Viaje Difícil by Jennifer Degenhardt

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