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Just Released//

Trespasses - Wounded Heros series #2,

by Anne Patrick

Blown Away - Southern Hearts series #4,

by Janet W Ferguson

In Production//

Betrayal - Wounded Heroes series #3,

by Anne Patrick

Freedom in the Mountain Wind

- Call of the Rockies #1,

by Misty M Beller






To make browsing of my titles easier, click on AVAILABLE US CODES (or UK codes) near the top of the website. This will immediately show you titles that still have free codes. Check back often, I add giveaways each time a new book is released. Thank you in advance for your support. Happy listening!


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Trespasses AB.jpg

GENRE: Christian Romantic Suspense

LoveLiberty AB.jpg

GENRE: Christian Time Travel


GENRE: Middle Grade fiction




"I was hooked into this book by Kassia, and the depth of her character and story enthralled me the whole way through. Ms. Churchill weaves a great tale that crosses over many genres - trust me you will enjoy this one!!"

— Amazon Customer on The Scribe's Daughter

by Stephanie Churchill





Leonor A Woodworth:





An Ohio native, she relocated to Western New York for an internship with Eastman Kodak Company where she met the love of her life.


Leonor has always enjoyed reading inspirational fiction, historical fiction, Christian fiction and Christian non-fiction. Anything that allows her faith to grow.


She actively seeks out Indie Authors who wish to share their faith and lead others to Christ through their work. She is an experienced Voice Actor in the genres of Christian Romance, Inspirational Fiction, Christian Romantic Suspense, Clean and Wholesome Contemporary Romance/Western Romance and Middle Grade Literature.


When she is not tucked away in her professional sound booth, she enjoys sewing, doll customization, genealogy...anything that allows her to listen to audiobooks!

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