An Ohio native, she moved to Western New York for an internship with Eastman Kodak Company where she met the love of her life.


Leonor has always enjoyed reading inspirational fiction, inspirational historical fiction and Christian non-fiction. Anything that allows her to strengthen her Christian faith.


She actively seeks out Indie Authors who wish to share their faith and lead others to Christ through their work. She is an experienced Voice Actor in the genres of Christian Romance, Inspirational Fiction, Christian Romantic Suspense, Clean and Wholesome Contemporary Romance/Western Romance/Romantic Comedy and Children's Literature.


When she is not tucked away in her professional sound booth, she enjoys sewing, doll customization, gardening or volunteering to drive 4-6 hours to pick up her sons from college...anything that allows her to listen to audiobooks!

Training Experience

  • James Anderson Foster's Fostering Characters (1 on 1 intro session)

  • Johnny Heller's Splendiferous Audiobook Workshop

  • Andi Arndt ...Fiction narration coach

  • Pat Fraley/Joan Baker ...Cutting Edge Audiobook Narration Workshop

  • Sean Pratt ...Marketing and Non-fiction narration coach

  • Rochester Acting & Performing Arts (RAPA) ...Acting, Voice movement, Script workshops

  • Edge Studio ...Intensive technique workshops


Vocal Attributes​
  • Engaging, Clear, Versatile, Distinctive character voices, Smooth, Soothing...are what reviews are claiming

  • North American/subtle New York accent/subtle Mexican accent

  • Vocal range – middle age (30-40), female or male

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Fantasy - 1st Person Narrative
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Contemporary Romance - 1st Person POV MF dialogue
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Western Romance - F/F dialogue
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Young Adult - M/M/F/F dialogue
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Non-Fiction Christian Living - Narrative
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Foreign Language - Beginner Spanish Comprehension
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